Get Drawn In

Get drawn into the election with Cartoon The Vote!

Here you'll find top cartoons about candidates, issues ... and you - the voters!

Why comics and cartoons? Because they have a unique ability to draw us into an issue as they both inform and entertain. Whether we smile or shake our heads, comics and cartoons' combination of text and visuals reaches us in a succinct way that text or photographs alone cannot.

Ultimately, we hope that you draw your own conclusion and participate in the political process:
* Access your elected officals
* Check out your local and state ballots
* Create your own voter's guide
* If you are an eligible voter who is unregistered, register to vote at (League of Women Voters) or at

Other ways to participate include:
- Create a petition at
- Want to invest in your community? Go to to see how it is done.

Throughout the site, you'll also find links to the candidates' sites and to their social media as well as to sites of third-party non-partisan groups. These third-party sites include:
- For campaign contributions: Center for Responsive Politics - at their website Information about the election may be accessed here.
- For candidate's view on selected issues: Find information at On The Issues and
- For background about selected issues: and Wikipedia.

Other sites that may be of interest:
- - Lots of good information about federal, state and local elections and politicians.
- Real Clear Politics - for a summary of national opinion polls. Some state ones as well. has projections and looks at the electoral numbers.
- - Election-related information including some of the links above for participating in the political process. Provided by the Education Fund of the League of Women Voters.
- Several newspapers have key election-related articles in one place. These newspapers include the New York Times, Politico, and the Washington Post.

And - of course - we hope that you'll be drawn to visit here often. The site will be updated daily.

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